About Us

We strategically align technology with your vision.

About us

Migrating your business to an online / digital platform can be murky water for start-ups and even an existing business. People sometimes are puzzled or simply have a brilliant idea on how they can take their business online, harness the possibilities of technology and be successful. That is where we come in – Help you achieve your goals and objectives digitally.

PhiLateral is a solution driven technology integrator providing customized and creative web / digital services to individuals and companies who intend to grow their business online. We provide cost effective web solutions, ensuring your ideas, product and services get the attention of your target audience.

With over 7 years experience, we have been developing an extensive range of SMART internet services for startups, SMBs and companies, empowering them with a digital edge needed to achieve their goals and objectives.

Sectors Served

We work with all sectors with unique synthesis of creativity and development techniques. Here are some sectors we frequently work with.

Fashion & Beauty
Startups / SMBs

Why Choose Us?

1. We develop solution driven services.

2. We are passionate about what we do and our coffee too.

3. We offer competitive pricing and reliable services.

4. Our designs are creative and facilitates UI and UX.

5. You are part of the process.

6. We keep abreast with latest technology.

7. Startup or existing business, we are committed to growing your business online.

7. We are fun to be around, yet, professional at what we do.

8. We are friends with other cool geeks, support team and partners.

Our dynamic team with in-depth technology expertise ensures that we prioritize your project, helping you translate your ideas and business goals into reality.

We are motivated to work every project we handle to perfection, using our attention to details, knowledge and expertise to create a unique E-business and online experience.

Here is the cool part; we have created a collaborative ambiance where working with you is fun without losing focus on achieving the best results to grow your business online.